Established in June of 2016, UHA II is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation managed by a Board of Directors elected by our Voting Members every October at our Annual Meeting. Please click on "Meet The Board!" below for more information about our Board of Directors. We formed UHA II to represent and advocate for all residents of Windsor Hills, View Park and View Heights.

UHA II is a 100% volunteer organization, which means we need your ideas and energy to be successful! Whether you choose to run for a seat on the Board or volunteer for a committee or share a concern that affects the community, please find a way to get involved! Although we are not affiliated with any other organizations, we appreciate the efforts of everyone working for the best interests of our community. UHA II values transparency and accountability, and we encourage everyone to respect your neighbors' different positions and ideas to facilitate healthy debate and collaboration on issues across our diverse views and backgrounds.


In order for UHA II to succeed we need a healthy dose of volunteerism from our fellow neighbors! Please email us at or call (323) 248-1699 to learn more about what we are doing in our community and how you can help. Current issues that UHA II and its committees are focused on include:

•  Land Use & Development

•  Public Safety

•  Local Business Networking

•  Who Do I Call for Services?

•  Supporting Our Youth & Seniors

•  Emergency Response

Feel free to volunteer for one or more committees, in addition to clicking on the JOIN NOW button at the upper right of our website to join and become a dues paying UHA II member. Thank you!

If you live in the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County east of La Brea Avenue and west of Crenshaw Boulevard, you are a resident of the UHA Area and automatically a General Member of UHA II. All General Members may become Voting Members by paying annual dues of $50 per household anytime during the year.  Please review our basic organizational documents below. Then click  the JOIN NOW button at the upper right of our website to join and pay your annual household dues online.

•  Meet the 2022 UHA Board

•  UHA II Conflict of Interest Policy

•  UHA II Area Maps

•  UHA II Articles of Incorporation

•  UHA II Bylaws

•  UHA Archives

    (Agendas, Audio, Resolutions)