Whether through improved Neighborhood Watch, enhanced surveillance or other means, we are committed to doing everything possible to improve security and prevent crime in our community.  Sgt. Signater has consistently reminded us at our general meetings to report all suspicious activity, and based on recent reports of criminal activity in our community we all need to be vigilant and pay attention to what's going on around us.  Please keep this number handy and use it to help stop crime: (310) 482-6000. Below are some additional resources and info from the Public Safety Committee:


We want to work with law enforcement, Public Works and all of our neighbors to implement effective measures to force speeding vehicles to slow down and save lives!  We all need to remember to slow down as we go thru our daily routines...the life you save may be your own.  Please take a look at the materials below, and note that our ideal approach to this pervasive problem is to seek holistic solutions and avoid temporary quick fixes!

We monitor a variety of issues that affect our community so that we can inform our residents and advocate on their behalf. Please email info@uhawhvp.org with any updates, comments, or concerns, and check this site and our social media (@UHAWHVP) for more details.

UHA II members voted overwhelmingly in 2016 to oppose "THE VIEW" CONDO PROJECT, a dangerous and illegal 88-unit development proposed to built on the vacant lot at 5101 Overhill Drive. Several hundred local residents attended a series of public hearings starting August 2nd and culminating on November 21st to offer fact-based testimony on the many reasons why "The View" should not be approved as presented. The appeal we filed on behalf of UHA II and 17 nearby homeowners was rejected by the LA County Board of Supervisors on November 21, 2017 (click here to see the Board's official action). We note that the Board requested County Counsel to provide the findings for the Board to consider before it issues final approval of the project (we expect this to occur in early 2018), and we urge all concerned parties to watch this space for updates.

Residents of the Windsor Hills, View Park, and View Heights neighborhoods are not "anti-development" or "NIMBYs." However, our residents are strongly in favor of smart development that is consistent with the surrounding neighborhoods and responsive to the community's needs as expressed by current residents who live, vote, and pay their property taxes in the neighborhood immediately adjacent to "The View" condo project. Our residents rightfully expected their elected representative on the LA County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, to represent and advocate for the best interests of his constituents, and we intend to hold him and the County of Los Angeles accountable for the decision to approve this project.

Our fight for smart development continues -- another developer is proposing to build 32 townhomes along the east side of La Brea just north of Slauson, and there are other properties along Slauson and other areas in and around our community that will be up for new development in the coming months and years.