we oppose sb 50


Here's Why We Oppose SB 50

(Visit LivableCalifornia.org to learn more and join the fight against SB 50.)

UHA II opposes SB 50 because it would destroy historic single-family communities such as View Park, Windsor Hills, Leimert Park, the Crenshaw District, and Baldwin Hills by overriding local zoning law to require a minimum of 4 units and four- to eight-story multifamily buildings on single-family zoned land and removing historic district protections implemented after 2010.

SB 50 claims to be the answer to our affordable housing crisis, but it's actually a giveaway to developers and Wall Street investors who will build more luxury housing that will push housing costs higher and make homeownership and affordable rent even less attainable for our residents. In short, SB 50 would create even more gentrification.

Make no mistake, SB 50 is bad public policy driven by greedy developers and narrow-minded elected officials who should be looking for opportunities to collaborate with local communities to solve real housing challenges instead of forcing a one-size-fits-all bill on our diverse neighborhoods. We think SB 50 is a "lose-lose proposition."


Tell CA Senators You Oppose SB 50

Take a few minutes to contact the CA State Senators on the list below to let them know your concerns about this destructive bill. The following 27 Senators need to hear from you today. Write your own letter, or download sample letters in Word or PDF. Be sure to personalize your letter before submitting it.

•  Senator Ben Allen (26th District)

    Email: Senator.Allen@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Bob Archuleta (32nd District)

    Email: Senator.Archuleta@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Toni Atkins (39th District)

    Email: Senator.Atkins@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Patricia Bates (36th District)

    Email: Senator.Bates@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Jim Beall (15th District)

    Email: Senator.Beall@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Steven Bradford (35th District)

    Email: Senator.Bradford@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Bill Dodd (3rd District)

    Email: Senator.Dodd@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator María Elena Durazo (24th District)

    Email: Senator.Durazo@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Cathleen Galgiani (5th District)

    Email: Senator.Galgiani@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Steve Glazer (7th District)

    Email: Senator.Glazer@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Lena A. Gonzalez (33rd District)

    Email: Senator.Gonzalez@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Shannon Grove (16th District)

    Email: Senator.Grove@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Bob Hertzberg (18th District)

    Email: Senator.Hertzberg@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Jerry Hill (13th District)

    Email: Senator.Hill@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Melissa Hurtado (14th District)

    Email: Senator.Hurtado@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (19th District)

    Email: Senator.Jackson@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Brian Jones (38th District)

    Email: Senator.Jones@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Connie M. Leyva (20th District)

    Email: Senator.Leyva@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Bill Monning (17th District)

    Email: Senator.Monning@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Dr. Richard Pan (6th District)

    Email: Senator.Pan@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Anthony J. Portantino (25th District)

    Email: Senator.Portantino@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Richard D. Roth (31st District)

    Email: Senator.Roth@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Susan Rubio (22nd District)

    Email: Senator.Rubio@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Henry Stern (27th District)

    Email: Senator.Stern@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Tom Umberg (34th District)

    Email: Senator.Umberg@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Bob Wieckowski (10th District)

    Email: Senator.Wieckowski@senate.ca.gov

•  Senator Scott Wilk (21st District)

    Email: Senator.Wilk@senate.ca.gov