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Windsor Hills • View Park • View Heights

UHA II was incorporated in June 2016 to advocate for the best interests of all residents of the unincorporated communities of Windsor Hills, View Park, and View Heights in Los Angeles County. Our goal is to use our collective resources and influence to achieve best possible outcomes on all issues affecting our community's social welfare, economy, and environment. Join us!

Make Your Voice Heard on Traffic & Circulation Issues re: "The View"!

As a result of our successful lawsuit against the County and the developer of the View Condo project at Overhill & Stocker, the County Dept. of Regional Planning is hosting a virtual scoping meeting on Nov. 30th @ 6 pm for the Environmental Impact Report that will be prepared to assess significant environmental impacts from the proposed construction and operation of an 88-unit, five story condo project at Overhill & Stocker. We need to know how the County and the developer plan to mitigate the cumulative impact of adding over 700 daily vehicle trips to an area with heavily congested roadways and intersections, and there are significant issues related to traffic hazards, pedestrian safety and bypass traffic that should be addressed as part of the EIR process.